The Hockey Shop carries a wide variety of hockey goalie leg pads, from top brands like Bauer, Brian’s, CCM, Reebok, Vaughn and Warrior. We stock a full range of colours and sizes. There are many different options, being a hockey goalie, but we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a leg pad to get you through the season, or a pro level leg pad to last you years, our inventory is stocked and our Goal Specialists will guide you through the process. Wanting something more vibrant or personalized than what we carry? No problem, order custom goalie leg pads! Visit our Goalie Gear Customizer to build your dream pair of custom leg pads, or give us a call to speak with one of our custom order Goal Specialists. The possibilities are endless. Check out our Bauer Goalie Leg Pads, Brian's Goalie Leg Pads, CCM Goalie Leg Pads, Reebok Goalie Leg Pads, Vaughn Goalie Leg Pads, Warrior Goalie Leg Pads, Senior Goalie Leg Pads, Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads, Junior Goalie Leg Pads, Youth Goalie Leg Pads, Street Goalie Leg Pads, Goalie Leg Pad Accessories.

Goalie Leg Pads

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